we recommend to blow warm air (hairdryer)over your moldings before pinning them to the support.

It is also usefull for bending a little bit the moldings for decorating round/oval tables, furniture, arquitectural arches or bookshelves/libraries etc.

You can also stick them with glue: First, sand sligthly (thin sandpaper) the back of each ornament and the surfaces where you want to apply your moldings so the glue "bites" at the best. Then you put some glue and apply the ornament.

May be my translation sounds amazing?!...Donnot hesitate in asking me more if it is not "clear"enough: You're welcome!

Now I am looking forward to hearing from you and your creations, receiving your pictures (if you restore a furniture for example, the before/after views are always great)

Staying at your disposal All the best Sincerely