Maderina ®

is the marriage of Tradition and high technology.


In Maderina®,natural wood is melted with the highest efficient components.


As wood, Maderina® allows the masters in works of art to perpetuate the know-how of the past centuries : Application of natural pigments, tints, fuschines, oil paintings and acrylics, antique patinas and finishing, varnishes and traditional gildings (Gold, silver, copper). Maderina® elements can be easely nailed, sticked, sanded and so on...Also a great material for all the architecs, interior designers, painters, artists, hand-crafters.


Such an opportunity for your creativity!


By mixing components from the most sophisticated technologies, Maderina® mouldings have got a great resistance versus external agents such as impacts, dryness and central heating, air-conditionning, wetness and sea breeze...


Our aim is to propose the best quality in original items and designs at a very affordable price.


We invite you to visit our online catalogue and appreciate the wide range of possibilities it opens in Decoration.


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The Team